I have a License to carry gun – Small doctor


Small doctor says his recent arrest was due to sone misunderstanding which has been settled and that the gun he was caught with had a license so he is nkt guilty of any crime.

Small doctor
Small doctor

Nigerian singer, Small Doctor, who recently got freed by a court after he was arrested for possession of firearm, has stated that he has licence to carry a gun.

The singer was arrested alongside 3 other young men after they threatened a police man with the gun.

Speaking after his release, Small Doctor said:

“It was a case of misunderstanding and everything is settled. My fans need to know that I will not get involved in any illegality. The younger ones look up to me for hope and I will never let them down”.

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The singer insisted that he doesn’t get involved in any form of illegality.

“As I said earlier, I cannot be involved in any illegal activity. There is no way I will hold a firearm without having a licence” he added.

The singer was freed by an Ebutte Metta court on Tuesday with a stern warning to stay away from violence.

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