People can now have sexdoll in the likeness of whoever they admire jade says so people can have a sex doll in likeness of whoever they want.


A picture of the admired person is requested and then forwarded to the factory in China. Speaking about the requests people make,

Jane said:

“In terms of customization, it’s anything whatsoever. Celebrity, dead spouse or someone you fancy.”

“It really does vary, you get people asking for a Kim Kardashian, or a girl next door. It’s just so different across the board.” About the legal consequences of making sex doll replicas of real people without their knowledge, Jade said she has no qualms. Of course that’s a concern, and I wouldn’t want to cause myself any litigation problems.

But at the end of the day, it’s just a likeness. “Who’s to say you can’t draw a likeness of somebody or paint a likeness of somebody.”

Jade said she got inspired after reading about Lumidolls, the world’s first sex doll brothel in Barcelona, Spain. She explained: “Basically I read an article about Lumidolls [a sex doll brothel in Barcelona].

“It struck a chord with me.

“I was wondering, if I can take the seediness out of it, I could normalise this in a way and make it easier for people to have access tothese dolls.”

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